What is the coaxial cable? Its types, working, advantages, disadvantages &Applications

Coaxial cable is a type of cable that is used for transmitting electrical signals with low attenuation (loss of signal strength over distance) over long distances. It consists of a central conductor made of copper wire or copper-plated steel, surrounded by a layer of insulation.It has a metallic shield and a protective outer jacket.

Types of coaxial cable:

  1. Thinnet (10Base2): It has a thin copper conductor and is commonly used for Ethernet networking.
  2. Thicknet (10Base5): It has a thicker copper conductor. It is used in applications that require higher bandwidths, such as cable television (CATV) systems.

Working of coaxial cable

The working principle of a coaxial cable is based on the transmission of electrical signals through the central conductor. The signal is carried by the electromagnetic field that is created by the flow of electrical current in the centre conductor. The metallic shield surrounding the centre conductor serves to contain and protect the electromagnetic field.it It prevents interference from external sources.


  1. Coaxial cable has low attenuation, meaning it can transmit signals over long distances without losing much signal strength.
  2. It is resistant to interference and noise. it is a reliable option for transmitting signals in environments with a lot of electromagnetic interference.
  3. It is durable and can withstand physical stress and environmental factors such as heat and moisture.
  4. It is relatively easy to install. It can be used in a variety of applications, including audio and video transmission, computer networking, and cable television.


  1. Coaxial cable is generally more expensive than other types of cables, such as twisted-pair cables.
  2. It is not as flexible as other types of cables, which can make it difficult to install in certain environments.
  3. The cable is not as scalable as other types of cables. it may not be suitable for applications that require high bandwidths.


  1. Cable television (CATV) systems
  2. Computer networking
  3. Audio and video transmission
  4. Surveillance systems
  5. Military and aerospace communications
  6. Medical equipment
  7. Industrial automation and control systems

Overall, coaxial cable is a reliable and durable option for transmitting signals over long distances. and it is commonly used in a wide range of applications.

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