1N60P Germanium Diode – Datasheet

The 1N60P is a germanium N point contact diode that is efficient and linear for use in TV video detection, FM detection, radio, and AM detection. The forward voltage of the germanium diode drop is 1.0.V

Features of 1N60P

  • High current capability
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Very low reverse current
  • Ultra-fast switching characteristics
  • Small forward characteristic temperature coefficient
  • Good wave detection efficiency

Pinout of 1N60P

Specification of 1N60P

Package TypeDO-35
Diode Element MaterialGERMANIUM
Operating Temperature-Max125.0 Cel
Max. Output Current0.05 A
Peak Repeat. Reverse Voltage45.0 V
Reverse Recovery Time-Max0.001  µs
Max. Forward Voltage Drop1 V
Average Rectified Current (Io)50 mA


  • AM/FM detectors
  • Ratio detectors
  • FM discriminators
  • TV audio detectors
  • TV video detectors

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