1N4938 200V 500mA General Purpose Diode – Datasheet

The 1N4938 diode is a low cost, fast switching diode with a reverse voltage rating of 200V and capable of carrying up to 500mA of current. The 1N4938 diode has a forward voltage drop of 1.0V and a fast recovery time of 50ns.

Features of 1N4938

  • High Reliability
  • Low forward voltage
  • High-speed switching
  • Low reverse leakage current
  • Lead-free finish, RoHS compliant

Pinout of 1N4938

Specification of 1N4938

Package TypeDO-35
Diode Element MaterialSILICON
Reverse Recovery Time 50 ns
Operating Temperature-Max175.0 Cel
Output Current-Max500 mA
Peak Repeat. Reverse Voltage200 V
Max. Reverse Current (Ir)0.1 mA
Max. RMS Reverse Voltage (Vr)200 V
Max. Forward Voltage Drop (Vf)1.0 V
Max Power Dissipation500 mW
Reverse Current5 µA
Average Rectified Current (Io)0.5 A

Uses of 1N4938

The 1N4938 can be used in a variety of electronic applications. It can be used when you need to convert AC power to DC power, it can be used to block power surges to protect electronic components from being burned or damaged, and it can also be used in digital logic circuits. It is also suitable for battery charging circuits, power supply circuits, and voltage doubler circuits.

Advantages of 1N4938

  • Cheap construction
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Low reverse leakage
  • High forward surge current capability


  • High-speed switching
  • General switching
  • Rectification
  • Components protection
  • Blocking incoming voltage was not required
  • Signal filtering

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