What is earth wire? its types, features, advantages, disadvantages & Applications

Earth wire, also known as grounding wire or protective earth wire.Earth wire is a type of electrical cable that provides a low resistance path to the ground. The purpose of the earth wire is to protect people and electrical devices from electric shock. Earth wire provides a safe route for excess current to flow to the ground in the event of a fault.

Types of Earth wire:

  1. Protective earth (PE) wire: This type of earth wire is used in electrical installations to provide protection against electrical shock. It is connected to the earth at the point of supply and at various points throughout the installation to ensure that any fault current is safely conducted to the ground.
  2. Signal earth (SE) wire: This type of earth wire is used to provide a reference potential for electronic circuits. It is often connected to the chassis or enclosure of electronic equipments. Signal earth wire reduces the risk of electrical noise and interference.

Features of earth wire:

  • Earth wire is typically made of copper or aluminium because of their high conductivity and resistance to corrosion.
  • It is usually color-coded with green and yellow stripes to distinguish it from other wires in the electrical system.
  • It is typically insulated with PVC or other materials to prevent accidental contact with live wires.

Advantages of earth wire:

  • Provides a safe route for excess current to flow to the ground in the event of a fault.Earth wire protecting people and equipment from electric shock.
  • Reduces the risk of electrical noise and interference in electronic circuits.
  • Helps to ensure compliance with electrical safety regulations.

Disadvantages of earth wire:

  • If the earth wire is not properly connected or maintained.then earth wire may not function as intended, increasing the risk of electric shock and other hazards.
  • In some cases, the earth wire may create a ground loop, which can cause interference or hum in audio or video systems.


  • Used in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical installations to protect against electric shock. and com
  • Used in electronic equipment and audio/video systems to reduce electrical noise and interference

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