UF4001 50V 1A Ultra-Fast Recovery Diode – Datasheet

The UF4001 diode is an ultra-fast switching diode with a continuous reverse voltage of 50V and a maximum forward current of 1A. The reverse recovery time of the UF4001 diode is 50ns. This diode is ideal for use in power supplies and switched voltage converter circuits.

Features of UF4001 Diode

  • Ultra Fast switching for High Efficiency
  • Low leakage current
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High current capability
  • High current surge
  • High reliability
  • Diffused Junction

Pinout of UF4001 Diode

Specification of UF4001 Diode

Package TypeDO-41
Diode Element MaterialULTRA Fast Recovery
Output Current-Max1.0 A
Peak Repeat. Reverse Voltage50 V
Max. Reverse Current (Ir)0.010 mA
Max. Forward Voltage Drop (Vf)1.0 V
Max. RMS Reverse Voltage35 V
Average Rectified Current (Io)1 A
Max. Reverse Recovery time50 ns
Power Dissipation2.08 W

Applications of UF4001 Diode

  • Power factor correction and power factor controller
  • DC-DC converters and inverters
  • Mixing signals
  • Switching power supplies
  • Detect high-frequency RF waves
  • High-frequency rectifier.

The equivalent of UF4001 Diode

  • UF4002, UF4003, UF4004, UF4005, UF4006, and UF4007

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