TTP223 Touch Sensor Module 


This Arduino touch sensor module is based on the dedicated TTP223 touch sensor IC and the capacitive touch switch provides a single integrated touch sensing area of 11 x 10.5mm with a sensor range of ~5mm. An onboard LED will provide a visible indication while the sensor is triggered the module’s output will switch from its idle low state to high (default operation). Solder jumpers permit for reconfiguring their mode of operation to be either active low or toggle output.

Features of TTP223 Touch Sensor Module

  • The response time max is about 60mS at fast mode, and 220mS at low power mode @VDD=3V.
  • Sensitivity can adjust by the capacitance(0~50pF) outside.
  • Have two kinds of sampling length by pad option(SLRFTB pin).
  • Stable touching detection of the human body for replacing the traditional direct switch key.
  • Provides Fast mode and Low Power mode selection by pad option(LPMB pin).
  • Provides direct mode toggle mode by pad option(TOG pin), the open-drain mode by bonding option, OPDO pin is an open-drain output, Q pin is CMOS output.
  • select all output mode as active high or active low by pad option(AHLB pin).
  • Have the maximum on-time 100sec by pad option(MOTB pin).
  • Have an external power-on reset pin(RST pin).
  • After power-on have about 0.5sec stable time, during the time do not touch the keypad to disable function.
  • Auto calibration for life.

Pinout of TTP223 Touch Sensor Module

Pin NameDescription
VCCPower Supply Pin
GNDGround Pin
I/OInput Output Pin

Specifications of TTP223 Touch Sensor

Supply Voltage2.5 to 5.5V
Max sensor range ~5mm
Module dimensions14.5mm x 11mm
Sensor area11 x 10.5mm
Supply current: (Vcc = 5V) 6uA (Idle) 16mA (Active)

Datasheet of TTP223 Touch Sensor

Download (TTP223 Touch Sensor Module ) Datasheet from the link given below.

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