TL072 Datasheet, Pinout, Features & Applications


In the realm of operational amplifiers, the TL072 holds a significant place. This versatile integrated circuit has transformed electronic circuits, providing precision and efficiency. This article delves into the intricacies of the TL072 operational amplifier, exploring its features, applications, pinout, and more.

What is TL072

The TL072 is a dual-operational amplifier IC that offers high input impedance and low noise. It is designed to provide precise amplification and signal conditioning in various electronic circuits. With its unique characteristics, the TL072 has become a staple in applications requiring accurate signal processing.

Breakdown of TL072:

At its core, the TL072 operates as a dual op-amp, featuring two amplifiers within a single package. Each amplifier can function independently or in tandem, catering to a wide range of circuit configurations. The TL072’s differential inputs and high slew rate enable efficient amplification of input signals while maintaining signal integrity.

Features of TL072:

  1. Low Noise: The TL072 boasts low noise characteristics, making it ideal for amplifying low-level signals without introducing significant distortion.
  2. Wide Bandwidth: With a generous bandwidth, the TL072 can handle a diverse array of frequencies, ensuring accurate signal reproduction.
  3. High Input Impedance: The op-amp’s high input impedance prevents loading effects on source circuits, preserving signal quality.
  4. Dual Amplification: Featuring two independent amplifiers, the TL072 provides flexibility in circuit design and configuration.
  5. Slew Rate: The high slew rate enables the TL072 to swiftly respond to rapid changes in input signals, minimizing distortion.
  6. Low Offset Voltage: The op-amp’s low offset voltage ensures precision in amplification, minimizing errors in signal processing.

Specifications of TL072:

TL072CPGeneral-purpose operational amplifier, DIP-8 package. Suitable for various applications.
TL072IPLow-noise JFET-input operational amplifier, DIP-8 package. Ideal for audio and sensor applications
TL072CDDual operational amplifier, SOIC-8 package. Offers space-saving benefits for compact designs.
TL072IDHigh-speed, low-noise operational amplifier, SOIC-8 package. Suitable for high-frequency applications
TL072BCPWide-bandwidth, high-output-drive operational amplifier, DIP-8 package. Well-suited for driving capacitive loads
TL072ACDLow-power, precision operational amplifier, SOIC-8 package. Designed for applications requiring minimal power consumption

Pinout of TL072:

Pin NamePin Description
1Non-Inverting Input (Amplifier 1)
2Inverting Input (Amplifier 1)
3V- (Amplifier 1)
4V+ (Amplifier 1)
5Offset Null (Amplifier 1)
6Output (Amplifier 1)
7NC (No Connection)
8V+ (Amplifier 2)
9V- (Amplifier 2)
10Inverting Input (Amplifier 2)
11Non-Inverting Input (Amplifier 2)
12Offset Null (Amplifier 2)
13Output (Amplifier 2)
14NC (No Connection)

Application of TL072:

  1. Active Filters: TL072 is widely used in active filter circuits, enhancing frequency response and signal conditioning.
  2. Audio Amplification: Its low noise and high bandwidth make TL072 suitable for audio amplifiers and preamplifiers.
  3. Signal Generators: TL072 aids in creating precise signal generators for various testing and experimental setups.
  4. Instrumentation Amplifiers: Its high input impedance makes it valuable in precision measurement applications.
  5. Voltage Followers: TL072 serves as an excellent voltage follower, isolating input and output impedance.
  6. Waveform Generators: TL072 can generate various waveforms used in signal processing and modulation.

Equivalent Alternatives:

  1. NE5532: Known for its low noise and high slew rate, the NE5532 is a viable alternative to the TL072.
  2. LM358: This dual-operational amplifier offers low-power consumption and simplicity in design.
  3. OPA2134: With excellent sound quality, the OPA2134 suits audio-related applications.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Q: What is the power supply range for TL072? 

A: TL072 typically operates within a power supply range of ±5V to ±15V.

  1. Q: Can I use TL072 in high-frequency applications? 

A: Yes, TL072 can be used in high-frequency applications due to its high slew rate and wide bandwidth.

  1. Q: What is the purpose of the offset null pins? 

A: The offset null pins allow users to nullify input offset voltage, enhancing precision in amplification.

  1. Q: Is TL072 suitable for battery-powered devices? 

A: Yes, TL072’s low-power variants make it suitable for battery-operated applications.

  1. Q: How does TL072 differ from TL071? 

A: TL072 is a dual op-amp, whereas TL071 is a single op-amp. TL072 offers two independent amplifiers.

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