TCS34725 Color Sensor Module


The CJMCU-34725 color Sensor RGB development Board Module offers digital return values for red, green, blue (RGB), and bright light sensing digital induction return. color-sensitive photodiode integrated cut and localized infrared shading filter out, to decrease the incident infrared spectrum components,so that color control is more accurate. It has excessive sensitivity, a wide dynamic range, and IR shading filters. The TCS34725 is ideal for color-sensitive component solutions beneath various mild conditions and via attenuating materials,high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and infrared light blocking filterout. TCS34725 come to be ideal lighting fixtures conditions exchange and through coloration touchy elements attenuating substances below conditions of a solution.

Features of TCS34725 Color Sensor Module

  • The TCS3472 device provides digital return values for red, green, blue (RGB), and bright light sensing
  • Color-sensitive photodiode integrated cut and localized infrared shading filter, to minimize the incident infrared spectrum components, so that color management is more accurate
  • The high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and IR shading filters make the TCS3472 ideal for color-sensitive component solutions under varying light conditions and through attenuating materials

Pinout of TCS34725 Color Sensor Module

Pin NameDescription
VCCModule power supply – 5 V
3.3vModule power supply – 3.3 V
 SLCI2C Clock
SDA I2C data
 INTAdjust I2C Address
LEDTurning on the LED of the ActiveLow module

Specifications of TCS34725 Color Sensor

Model NumberTCS34725
PCB Thickness1.70 mm
PCB Colorblue
Dimensions 20.5 x 20.5 mm

Datasheet of TCS34725 Color Sensor

Download (TCS34725 Color Sensor Module) Datasheet from the link given below.

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