SB540 Shottky Barrier Diode – Datasheet

The SB540 diode is a low cost Schottky barrier diode with a reverse voltage rating of 40V and capable of forward current up to 5.0A. The SB540 diode has a low forward voltage drop of typically 0.55V, and has a low fast reverse recovery time.

Features of SB540

  • Schottky Barrier Chip
  • Guard Ring for Transient and ESD Protection
  • High Surge Current Capability
  • Low Power Loss, High Efficiency
  • Ideally Suited for use in High Frequency SMPS, and Inverters

Pinout of SB540

Specification of SB540

Package TypeDO-201AD
Diode Element MaterialSchottky
Operating Temperature-Max+200 Cel
Output Current-Max5.0 A
Peak Repeat. Reverse Voltage40 V
Max. Reverse Current (Ir)0.5 mA
Max. Forward Voltage Drop (Vf)0.55 V
Average Rectified Current (Io)5.0 A
Max. Continuous Reverse Volt28 V


  • Ultra high-speed switching
  • Battery charging circuit
  • Rectifier circuit
  • Voltage clamping
  • Voltage Blocking

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