S8050 Transistor Datasheet, Pinout & Equivalent


In the intricate world of electronics, the S8050 transistor is emerging as a major player, a small but powerful device that has revolutionized the way electronic circuits work. As technology continues to evolve, understanding the capabilities and applications of such components becomes increasingly crucial. This article takes a comprehensive look at the S8050 transistor, unraveling its functions, features, and various uses in modern electronic designs.

What is S8050 transistor?

The S8050 is a widely used NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) that functions as a current amplifier. This versatile semiconductor component is used for signal amplification and switching purposes in a multitude of electronic circuits. Its compact size, low cost, and reliability have cemented its status as a staple in the world of electronics.

Breakdown of the S8050 transistor:

In essence, the S8050 transistor works as a current amplifier. It is categorized as an NPN transistor, which means that it consists of three layers: emitter, base, and collector. By controlling the current flow between collector and emitter through a small base current, the S8050 enables precise signal amplification and switching operations. Its ability to control a larger current with a smaller one makes it an essential tool for various electronic applications.

S8050 Transistor Features:

Amplification: The S8050 excels at signal amplification, ensuring accurate and stable signal reproduction.

Compact Design: Small footprint allows for space-saving integration into complex circuit designs.

Low Power Consumption: The power efficiency of the transistor is a boon for portable and battery-powered devices.

High Gain: With high current gain, even weak input signals can trigger strong output responses.

Wide Voltage Range: The S8050 operates effectively across a wide voltage spectrum, enhancing its versatility.

Cost effective: Its affordability makes it a popular choice for both commercial and hobby projects.

Specifications of the S8050 Transistor:

S8050NPN BJT Transistor
VCEOCollector-Emitter Voltage: 25V
ICCollector Current: 700mA
HFEDC Current Gain (Typical): 60 – 180
Package TO-92 (Through-Hole)

Pinout of the S8050 Transistor:

S8050 Transistor Datasheet, Pinout
Pin NamePin Description
EmitterCurrent flows out of the transistor
BaseControls the transistor
CollectorCurrent enters the transistor

S8050 Transistor Applications:

  1. audio amplification
  2. signal switching
  3. oscillator circuits
  4. voltage regulation
  5. led driving
  6. Engine control
Equivalent alternatives:
  • 2N3904
  • BC547
  • 2SC1815

In the dynamic world of electronics, the modest presence of the S8050 transistor belies its importance. As it continues to enable innovations in various industries, understanding its capabilities allows engineers and enthusiasts to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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