FT232RL FT232 USB TO Serial USB To UART TTL 5V 3.3V FTDI Module


The USB TO UART TTL 5V 3.3V FT232RL download Cable To Serial Adapter Module is a basic breakout board for the FTDI FT232RL USB to serial IC, Revision 2. The pinout of this board matches the FTDI cable to work with official Arduino and cloned 5V Arduino boards. it can also be used for general serial programs.

The major difference with this board is that it brings out the DTR pin as opposed to the RTS pin of the FTDI cable. The DTR pin permits an Arduino target to auto-reset when a brand new sketch is downloaded. this is a really high-quality feature to have and lets in a caricature to be downloaded without having to hit the reset button. This board will car reset any Arduino board that has the reset pin brought out to a 6-pin connector.

The pins categorized BLK and GRN correspond to the colored wires on the FTDI cable. The black wire at the FTDI cable is GND, green is CTS. Use these BLK and GRN pins to align the FTDI basic board together with your Arduino goal.

Features of FT232RL USB TO Serial FTDI Module

  • Standard interface layout, compatible with a variety of Arduinos such as the Pro Mini
  • Original FTDI FT232 chip, stable performance
  • USB power has current protection, using 500MA self-restore fuse
  • RXD/TXD transceiver communication indicator
  • With power, sending, receiving indicator, working status LED indicators
  • With 3.3V and 5V TTL Level supply options
  • USB to serial TTL module, download STC SCM
  • Mini USB Port Connection
  • Support 3.3V, 5V

Pinout of FT232RL USB TO Serial FTDI Module

Pin NameDescription
DTRData Terminal Ready(Output used for flow control)
RXSerial Data Recieve
TXSerial Data Transmit
VCCPower Input
CTSClear to send(Input used for flow control)

Specifications of FT232RL USB TO Serial FTDI Module

Operating Voltage3.3V to 5.25V
Input Current50mA
Output Current30mA
Data Transfer Rates300 baud to 3 Mbaud
InterfacesUSB, TTL serial


  • Programming AVR, ARM-based microcontrollers/microprocessors.
  • USB to RS232/RS422/RS485 Converters
  • USB Smart Card Readers
  • For serial communication with GPS devices
  • Serial terminal on devices like Raspberry Pi

Datasheet of FT232RL USB TO Serial FTDI Module

Download (FT232RL USB TO Serial FTDI Module) Datasheet from the link given below.

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