Class AB Tuned Amplifier – Features, Working & Applications

A class AB tuned amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that uses a tuned circuit to filter and amplify signals.

The amplifier operates in class AB mode, which means that it uses a combination of class A and class B amplification. Class A amplifiers operate with a constant bias current, while class B amplifiers operate with no bias current. The combination of these two modes allows class AB amplifiers to achieve high efficiency while maintaining low distortion.

Features of Class AB tuned amplifier

  • High efficiency
  • Low distortion
  • Excellent frequency response

Working of Class AB tuned amplifier

The basic principle of a class AB tuned amplifier is to use a tuned circuit to select a specific frequency range, and then amplify that signal using a transistor or vacuum tube. The tuned circuit consists of a capacitor and an inductor that are selected to resonate at the desired frequency. The amplifier circuit is then designed to provide the required gain and impedance matching.

The class AB amplifier operates by using a bias voltage to control the output current. The bias voltage is set so that the amplifier operates in class A mode for small signals, and then switches to class B mode for larger signals. This allows the amplifier to achieve high efficiency while maintaining low distortion.

Applications of Class AB amplifier

Class AB tuned amplifiers are used in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Communication systems: These amplifiers are used to amplify signals in wireless communication systems, such as radio transmitters and receivers.
  • Audio systems: Class AB amplifiers are commonly used in audio amplifiers, such as those found in stereo systems, home theaters, and musical instruments.
  • Radio equipment: These amplifiers are used in radio equipment, such as transmitters and receivers, to amplify and filter signals.
  • Medical equipment: Class AB amplifiers are used in medical equipment, such as EEG and ECG machines, to amplify and filter signals from the body.

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