CD4023 Triple 3-input NAND Gate


CD4023 belongs to the 4000 Series CMOS Logic Family of Integrated Circuits (ICs) constructed with N- and P-channel enhancement mode transistors. CD4023 has Triple 3-input NAND Gate and they have equal
source and sink current capabilities and meet standard B series output drive.

Features of CD4023 NAND Gate

  • Buffered Inputs and Outputs
  • Standard Symmetrical Output Characteristics
  • 100% Tested for Maximum Quiescent Current at 20V
  • 5V, 10V, and 15V Parametric Ratings
  • Maximum Input Current of 1μA at 18V Over Full Package-
  • Temperature Range; 100nA at 18V and +25oC

Pinout of CD4023 NAND Gate

Pin Descriptions CD4023 NAND Gate

Pin NoPin NameDescription
1AInput 1 of NAND Gate 1
2BInput 2 of NAND Gate 1
3DInput 1 of NAND Gate 2
4EInput 2 of NAND Gate 2
5FInput 3 of NAND Gate 2
6K=(DEF)’The output of NAND Gate 2
7VSSSupply Voltage
8CInput 3 of NAND Gate 1
9J=(ABC)’The output of NAND Gate 1
10L=(GHI)’The output of NAND Gate 3
11IInput 1 of NAND Gate 3
12HInput 2 of NAND Gate 3
13GInput 3 of NAND Gate 3
14VDDDrain Voltage

Specifications of CD4023 NAND Gate

Input Voltage Range, All Inputs-0.5V to VDD +0.5V
Operating Temperature Range-55oC to +125oC
Storage Temperature Range (TSTG)-65oC to +150oC
Lead Temperature (During Soldering)+265oC

Application of CD4023 NAND Gate

  • Freezer warning buzzer

Alternative of CD4023

CD4011, CD401

Datasheet of CD4023 NAND Gate

Download The CD4023 Triple 3-input NAND Gate Datasheet from the link given below.

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