BF350 Strain Gauge Sensor Module


A strain gauge is a device used to measure strain on an object and the BF350 strain gauge sensor module is used to measure mechanical stresses in solid materials. This BF350 strain gauge sensor module contains an adjustable amplifier circuit to make it appropriate for interfacing directly to a microcontroller ADC input and needs only a single 5V power supply.

Features of BF350 Strain Gauge

  • Reverse protection diode ~ (to prevent power reversed)
  • Board with a blue LED power indicator
  • Analog Output: The higher the curvature, the greater the output voltage.
  • Output analog voltage: 0-3.5V
  • Board size: 32 X 17mm
  • Behind the printed board pin definitions (Bending strain gauge, you can change the output voltage)

Pinout of BF350 Strain Gauge

Pin NumberPin TypeDescription
1VCCSupply Pin
2GNDGround Pin
3SCLSerial Clock Pin
4SDASerial Data Pin

Specifications of BF350 Strain Gauge

ModelBF350-3AA / 1.5AA
Fluxordinary solder rosin
Resistance 350 Ohm
Fatigue Life10 million times
Gate wire material constantan
Base material Modified phenolic substrates.
Base dimensions length x width 5×4.5mm
Gate wirelength x width 2×3.5mm
Sensitivity coefficient 2.0

Datasheet of BF350 Strain Gauge

Download (BF350 Strain Gauge Sensor Module) Datasheet from the link given below.

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