AM2301A Temperature and Humidity Sensor


The AM2301A, also known as the DHT21 digital temperature sensor, is one of the most common in the range of DHT Temperature & Humidity sensors. It boasts a relatively high-temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.3℃ better than the DHT11 or DHT22, with a relative humidity accuracy of +/- 3%.

It keeps just 3 wires, containing power and ground, meaning just one digital pin is needed to interface it to a microcontroller. For Arduino development platforms the sensor is incredibly well kept by the DHT library available on the Arduino Playground website.


Features of AM2301A Temperature Sensor

  • Accurate, durable, and high quality
  • Ultra-low power
  • No additional components
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • All calibration, digital output
  • Completely interchangeable
  • Long-distance signal transmission
  • Relative humidity and temperature measurement

Pinout of AM2301A Temperature Sensor


Pin Description of AM2301A Temperature Sensor

Pin colorPin NameDescription
RedVccThe power supply pin requires voltage from 3.5V to 5.5V
YellowDataOutput pin for both humidity and temperature through serial Data
BlackGroundConnection of sensor to the system’s ground

Specifications of AM2301A Temperature Sensor

Sensing period Average2s
Power3.3-5.2V DC
HUMI0~99.9% RH
TEMP-40 ~ 80℃
Precision±3% RH,  ±0.5 ℃
OutputDigital (1 wire)
Dimension60 x 27 x 14mm(L*W*H)

Application of AM2301A Temperature Sensor

  1. To Measure the Temperature and Humidity.
  2. To Local the Weather Station.
  3. To Control the Automatic Climate.
  4. To Monitoring the Environment.

Datasheet of AM2301A Temperature Sensor

Download AM2301A Temperature and Humidity Sensor Datasheet from the link given below.

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