A3144E Hall Effect Sensor


The device includes an on-chip Hall voltage generator for magnetic sensing, a comparator that amplifies the Hall voltage, and a Schmitt set off to provide switching hysteresis for noise rejection, and open-collector output. An inner bandgap regulator is used to provide temperature compensation provide voltage for internal circuits and permits a wise supply range.

If a magnetic flux density is large than threshold Bop, DO is grew to become on (low). The output is held till a magnetic flux density reversal falls under Brp inflicting DO to become off (high).

Features of A3144E Sensor

  • 3.5V to 24V DC operation voltage
  • Low current consumption
  • Temperature compensation
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Open-Collector pre-driver
  • 50mA maximum sinking output current
  • Reverse polarity protection

Pinout of A3144E Sensor

Pin NameDescription
5VPower Supply (5v).
GNDGround Pin
SIGNALSignal Output Pin

Specifications of A3144E Sensor

Operating voltage4.5V to 28V (typically 5V)
Output Current 25m
Operating temperature-40°C to 85°C


  • Magnetic Door Alarm System
  • Measure Speed In AutoMobiles

Datasheet of A3144E Sensor

Download (A3144E Hall Effect Sensor) Datasheet from the link given below.

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