3144E Speed ​​Counter Module Magnetic Detect sensor


3144E sensor senses the magnetic field, If the digital output is low and the signal light is on; then no magnetic field is sensed. If the digital output is high and the signal light is on then the magnetic field is sensed and the effect sensor switch has a power indicator and a sign indicator. 3144 sensor has excessive sensitivity, speedy response, suitable temperature performance, high accuracy, and high reliability.

Features of 3144E Speed ​​Counter Module

  • Small size, it has high sensitivity and fast response
  • Good temperature performance, it has high accuracy and high reliability.
  • Using 3144E switch type sensor for stable performance
  • When the sensor senses a magnetic field, the di tal output is low and the signal light is on; if no magnetic field is sensed, the digital output is high and the signal is not lit.
  • This effect sensor switch has a power indicator and a signal indicator.
  • Good waveform and strong driving ability
  • It is provided with fixing bolt holes for easy installation and fixing.
  • Can be used for motor speed measurement, position detection, etc.

Pinout of 3144E Speed ​​Counter Module

Pin Descriptions

Pin NameDescription
VCC The Vcc pin powers the module, typically with +5V
GNDPower Supply Ground
DODigital Output Pin. Directly connected to digital pin of Microcontroller
AOAnalog Output Pin. Directly connected to an analog pin of the Microcontroller

Specifications of 3144E Speed ​​Counter Module

Operating Voltage5V DC
SensorAllegro A3144 Hall-effect switch
PCB Size32x12mm
Detector typeMagnetic Sensing Hall effect
Detecting range7 mm LM393-based design


  • Door Open and Close Detection
  • Proximity Sensing
  • Valve Positioning

Datasheet of 3144E Speed ​​Counter Module

Download 3144E Speed ​​Counter Module Datasheet from the link given below.

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