2N7000 Mosfet Transistor with, Pinout, Features, Uses and Datasheet

Introduction to the 2N7000

In the intricate world of electronics, the name 2N7000 holds significance not only for engineers and hobbyists but also for tech enthusiasts. As a fundamental component in contemporary electronic devices, the 2N7000 stands as a Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET). Its pivotal role involves controlling electronic signals within circuits. This blog post acts as a guide to unlock the full scope of the 2N7000. It encompasses its defining features, presents detailed specifications—including both minimum and maximum values—clarifies the pinout configuration, explores essential formulas, and even discusses alternative equivalents.


2N7000 Mosfet Transistor with-Pinout Features Uses and Datasheet

At the heart of our exploration lies the 2N7000 datasheet—a repository of technical insights. It offers valuable information for those seeking to harness the full capabilities of the transistor. Among the pivotal data it presents are the 2D dimension values, providing precise physical dimensions for engineers and designers to work with. For instance, the 2N7000 typically features a TO-92 package, with dimensions around 4.58mm in length and 3.68mm in width.

Features of 2N7000:

What sets the 2N7000 apart are its impressive features, making it a staple in electronic design. A standout attribute is its low gate threshold voltage, typically around 2.1 volts. This characteristic ensures seamless control by low-voltage microcontrollers, effectively expanding its potential for various applications. Moreover, its compact size and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for space-constrained designs, where efficiency is paramount. Furthermore, the 2N7000 boasts excellent switching performance, with swift switching times usually below 15 nanoseconds—critical for applications demanding speed and precision.

Specifications in Detail:

Diving deeper into the core specifications, which include both minimum and maximum values, provides a clearer understanding of the 2N7000’s capabilities:

  • The Drain-Source Voltage (Vds) ranges from a minimum of 60 volts to a maximum of 60 volts.
  • The Drain Current (Id) has a minimum of 200 milliamps and a maximum of 400 milliamps.
  • The On-Resistance (Rds(on)) showcases a range from a minimum of 1.0 ohms to a maximum of 5.0 ohms.
  • The Gate Threshold Voltage (Vgs(th)) spans from a minimum of 0.8 volts to a maximum of 3.0 volts.
  • The Total Gate Charge (Qg) varies between a minimum of 1.5 nanocoulombs and a maximum of 4.0 nanocoulombs.

These detailed specifications provide an in-depth view of the transistor’s capabilities under different conditions, aiding designers in making informed decisions to optimize their circuits.

Pinout Configuration:

2N7000 Mosfet Transistor Pinout

Understanding the pinout configuration of the 2N7000 is crucial for seamless integration into circuits. The transistor features three primary pins: the gate (G), source (S), and drain (D). Properly connecting these pins, as indicated in the pinout diagram, is vital for the successful operation of the transistor within a circuit.

Formulas/ Mathematical Equations

To fully harness the potential of the 2N7000, engineers often rely on specific formulas to guide their calculations:

  • The calculation of Drain Current (Id) involves the equation Id = (Vgs – Vgs(th)) / Rds(on).
  • The calculation of Power Dissipation (Pd) can be expressed as Pd = Id^2 * Rds(on).
  • Estimation of Gate Charge (Qg) entails integrating Id with respect to time.

Mastering and applying these formulas empowers engineers to fine-tune their circuits for optimal performance.

Exploring Alternatives and Equivalents:

While the 2N7000 is versatile and widely used, considering alternative options is prudent. An example is the 2N7002, sharing many characteristics with the 2N7000. This makes it a potential replacement in numerous applications. The evaluation of alternatives centers on factors such as cost, availability, and specific application prerequisites.


The 2N7000 MOSFET transistor remains a cornerstone in modern electronics, boasting remarkable features, detailed specifications, and a pivotal role in electronic circuits. By comprehending its datasheet, mastering pinout configuration, using crucial formulas, and exploring alternative avenues, engineers, and enthusiasts can harness the full potential of the 2N7000 to create innovative electronic solutions. Whether in microcontrollers, power supplies, or signal amplification, the 2N7000 remains a critical component propelling progress within the realm of electronics.

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