PAM8610 With Volume 12V Dual-Channel Digital Amplifier


PAM8610 with volume 12V dual-channel digital amplifier board stereo audio amplifier board 15W * 2. a new green digital strength amplifier, the PAM8610 is a 15W, class-D audio amplifier. It offers low THD N, allowing it to gain sound reproduction. the new filterless architecture lets the tool drive the speaker directly, requiring no low-pass output filters, thus storing the machine fee and PCB area. With equal numbers of external components, the efficiency of the PAM8610 is much better than that of class AB. it is able to expand the battery’s existence, ideal for portable applications.

Pinout of PAM8610 12V Dual-Channel Amplifier

Pin NameDescription
R_INRight Channel Input
GNDGround Channel Input
L_INLeft Channel Input
L-Left Channel Output (GND)
L+Left Channel Output (+)
SW1Mute Switch Connection(ON)
SW2Mute Switch Connection(OFF)
R+Right Channel Output (+)
R-Right Channel Output (GND)

Specifications of PAM8610 12V Dual-Channel Amplifier

Output Impedance4-8
Input impedance 15K
Total harmonic distortion5W / 1KHz / 8 —- 0.1%
Frequency range20Hz-20KHz
Shutdown Current4uA
Output power 10w 10w (8 loads)
Quiescent current 20mA


  • Speaker output amplifier in Notebook Computers
  • Portable Speakers
  • Portable DVD Players
  • Game Machines

Datasheet of PAM8610 Dual-Channel Digital Amplifier

Download (PAM8610 12V Dual-Channel Digital Amplifier) Datasheet from the link given below.

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