KY024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor


KY024 Linear Magnetic Hall-effect Compatible with popular electronics platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Esp32, and others. The all required factors are already integrated into the sensor and it has an expanded sensitivity with admire to magnetic fields. The sensor is appropriate for continuous operation at temperatures up to 150°C and is characterized by means of its steadiness to temperature and providing voltage changes. Each unit consists of a voltage regulator for operation with furnished voltages from 4.5 to 24 volts, a reverse polarity safety diode, a rectangular Hall voltage generator, temperature compensation circuitry, a small sign amplifier, a Schmitt trigger, and an open collector output to sink up to 25 mA.

KY-024 Magnetic Hall Sensor

Features of KY024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor

  • Power supply indicator lamp
  • Comparator output indicator lamp
  • Analog quantity output
  • Threshold rollover electric level output
  • Threshold adjusted by potentiometer
  • AO, real-time thermistor voltage signal output

Pinout of KY-024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor

Pin NameDescription
AnalogAnalog Output Pin
GNDGround Pin
VCCSupply Pin
DigitalDigital Output Pin

Specifications of KY024 Linear Magnetic Hall Sensor

Sensor TypeHall effect transistor/switch
Accuracy9 to 12 Bit
Measuring range-40 °C up to +150 °C
Functional range5V

Datasheet of KY024 Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor

Download (KY024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor) Datasheet from the link given below.

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